1. Admission

      I. Entry Conditions

      1. Supporting the Constitution of the Association

      2. Voluntary membership in the Association

      3. In adhesives, sealants, adhesive tape industry, has a certain impact.


      II. Material Required for Applying for Membership

      1. Copies of business license and registered trademark of the unit (with official seal);

      2. Fill in a complete and signed application form for membership;

      3. Enterprise Product Description


      III. Membership Treatment

      1. Free access to China Adhesives, China Adhesives Information, Acrylic Acid Chemical Industry and Application and other publications;

      2. Priority should be given to publicizing and promoting units in association publications, Association official websites and association service numbers to enhance the influence of the industry.

      3. The association supports and helps organizations organize media activities such as product publicity and news release.

      4. Priority should be given to participating in industry information conferences, special conferences, conferences, annual meetings, exhibitions and other activities.

      5. Enjoy the priority of industry project declaration, policy subsidies, national issues, standard-setting, etc.

      6. Enjoy membership price for participating in activities organized by the association.


      IV. Contact Ways of Membership Departments

      Association contact: Li Yong

      E-mail: liyong@catia-china.com

      Tel: 010-84464298